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HTF-456DM6 Luxury Refrigerator


HTF-456DM6 Luxury Refrigerator


Product Details

5 Way cooling system giving superfast cooling Deep freezing (-30oC) giving 100 Hours freezing retention 15% Bigger Freezer Space for more storage Toughened Glass shelves to withstand up to 150kg weight

Refrigerators HTF-456DM6 Luxury

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

A refrigerator with an A++ energy rating uses up to 40% less energy than one with an A energy rating. Haier is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art products that operate efficiently while never compromising on performance.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Haier Thermocool exclusive ABT® (Anti-Bacterial Treatment) uses ultraviolet light to prevent the formation and proliferation of bacteria in the refrigerator’s airflow. This helps to preserve the taste of your food, improve fridge hygiene and protect the health of you and your family.

Switch Zone (Have It Your Way)

The Switch Zone is a unique and ultra-flexible compartment that can operate as a refrigerator or a freezer. You can regulate the area temperature from 18°C to + 5°C according to your needs. It’s like having an extra fridge or freezer!

Humidity Zone for Fruit and Vegetables

Haier Thermocool’s practical Humidity Zone keeps your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. By keeping the humidity within the compartment at an optimum 90% while still allowing cool air to circulate, this next level in food preservation technology not only allows you to store your groceries for longer, it also helps to maintain their nutritional content.

Dry Zone for Dairy Dry Foods

The extremely useful Dry Zone is the perfect place to store dairy, meat, or fish products. Using clever technology, the humidity levels within the compartment are reduced to below 45%, the optimum conditions for storing foods of this type.

Wide Space for More Possibilities

You can conveniently place your large bucket of cow meet or store your big event cakes or your 1 month grocery needs – the possibilities are endless.

No Frost Multi Airflow

Multi airflow ensures cooling and even temperture throughout your refrigerator.

Triple Cooling System

Independent cooling system for optimal conrol of temperature and humidity in each compartment and taste or smell won’t mix.