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Philips Compact Food Processor (HR7510/10)


Philips Compact Food Processor (HR7510/10)


Product Details

Introducing the Viva Food Processor, your ultimate kitchen companion for crafting healthy homemade meals with ease. With a robust 800W motor, this powerhouse effortlessly processes a diverse range of ingredients, from bread dough and hard vegetables to cheese and chocolate. Unleash your culinary creativity with over 29 functions, making it an all-in-one appliance capable of kneading, whisking, shredding, slicing, and juicing. \n \nFood Processor \n \nPowered by innovative PowerChop technology, the Viva Food Processor ensures superior chopping performance for both soft and hard ingredients, making it perfect for creating smooth purées and effortlessly mixing cake batters. Experience quick and efficient preparation with the large feeding tube, requiring minimal pre-cutting and saving you precious time in the kitchen. \n \nFood Processor \n \nAssembling the Viva Food Processor is a breeze with its quick and easy assembly of all parts. Cleanup is equally convenient as all accessories are dishwasher safe, streamlining the maintenance process. The 1.5L resistant and transparent jar, with a working capacity of 1L, allows you to prepare up to 5 smoothie portions at once, catering to your health-conscious lifestyle. \n \nThe Viva Food Processor boasts a powerful 800W motor that effortlessly handles a variety of ingredients, ensuring consistent and reliable results. With more than 29 functions, there are no limits to what you can create—meals, bread, sauces, juices, and more. The color-coded speed and accessories guide simplifies the process, allowing you to match the accessory color to the corresponding speed for perfect results every time.Enjoy the convenience of a compact footprint and in-bowl storage for all accessories, optimizing your counter space and keeping your kitchen organized. The 2-in-1 double-sided stainless steel discs for shredding and slicing, coupled with the ergonomic design, make food preparation a seamless and enjoyable experience. \n \nPhilips Food Processor Reddot award \n \nUpgrade your kitchen with the Viva Food Processor, where versatility, efficiency, and convenience converge to empower your culinary journey. Experience the joy of preparing wholesome, delicious meals effortlessly, unlocking unlimited possibilities for your cooking adventures.