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Philips 2200 W Steam iron (DST3020/26)


Philips Steam Iron


Product Details

Elevate your ironing experience with our advanced Steam Boost Iron, delivering exceptional performance for a flawless finish every time. \n \nPowerful steam to tackle every crease \n \n  \n \nKey Features: \n \nPowerful Steam Boost: Unleash the extraordinary power of a 160g steam boost, penetrating deep into fabrics to effortlessly tackle stubborn creases. Experience enhanced efficiency and precision in every ironing session. \n \nConsistent Steam Performance: Enjoy a continuous steam output of up to 35g/min, ensuring consistent and strong steam flow to swiftly eliminate creases. Achieve professional-level results with ease. \n \nFast Heat-Up with 2200W: Experience rapid warm-up with the 2200W power, providing quick and efficient heating for prompt ironing sessions. The high wattage ensures powerful performance for impressive results. \n \nSmooth Gliding Ceramic Soleplate: Our durable ceramic soleplate ensures smooth gliding on all ironable garments. Scratch-resistant and easy to clean, it guarantees a seamless ironing experience without sticking to your clothes. \n \nPowerful steam to tackle every crease \n \n  \n \nDrip Stop Technology: Say goodbye to water droplets staining your garments. Our drip-stop system prevents leakage, allowing you to iron confidently at any temperature without the fear of accidental drips. \n \nVertical Steaming for Hanging Fabrics: Effortlessly refresh hanging garments and eliminate creases from fabrics like curtains with the vertical steam function. No need for an ironing board – experience convenience at its best. \n \nTriple Precision Tip: Navigate challenging areas effortlessly with our triple precision tip, featuring a pointed tip, button groove, and sleek nose design. Tackle tricky spots like buttons and pleats with ease. \n \nBuilt-in Calc-Clean Slider: Maintain long-lasting steam performance with our built-in calc-clean slider. Designed to remove calcium buildup or limescale, this function ensures your iron operates at peak performance over time. \n \nLarge 300ml Water Tank: Iron more in a single go with the spacious 300ml water tank. Reduce the need for frequent refills and enjoy uninterrupted ironing sessions, saving time and effort. \n \nUpgrade your ironing routine with the powerful features of our Steam Boost Iron. Embrace efficiency, precision, and durability for a superior ironing experience.